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Diversion 102

With evidence and results, the States Attorney is prepared to advance the “diversion” process to the next level. The successes rate of “Diversion 101 (Juvenile Diversion) over the past decade, has proven that keeping young people out of the Criminal Justice System, is indeed beneficial to our society and our communities. The mental strength and discipline that is required to complete the diversion program, are the same elements that help our young people to redirect their life styles and seek more positive direction.

C-PAC is pleased to continue working with the States Attorney and develop the next phase of diversion, “Diversion 102”. While we (C-PAC and the SAO) will continue the Juvenile Diversion Program, we will now extend our focus to the young adults between the age of 18 to 20 year’s old who have been charged with criminal offenses.

There will be various aspects of the Program designed to respond to the issues the youth have and will encounter in life. They (the youth) will have Group Sessions that will allow them to express their enter most feelings. One-on-One sessions to delve into the more personal matters. Mental health therapeutic sessions and referrals. Professional Mentors will work with the youth on social skill building, financial management and responsibility. There will be an emphasis on education and academic achievement. C-PAC with the assistance of the SAO, will introduce a new program to the youth “Street Law”. The intensity of the Program we believe will serve to prepare the youth who are offered diversion an opportunity of a “new beginning”. We intend to give the youth a new set of tools and a reset moral compass that will take them into a future that will allow them to become contributing members of our society.