Community Public Awareness Council
A subsidiary of the Olde Mill Foundation
A 501(c)3 Non-Profit


Message from the Executive Team

The Team is dedicated to the success of all program participants. With an obligation of devotion, we have pledged to seek out resources that will serve to help secure a productive and progressive future for the Children.

We shall leave no stone unturned until we are certain that every light in every family shines brightly on the Children of Prince George’s County Maryland.

We must all have an understanding that our children deserve a fair chance and an equal opportunity to achieve, socially, educationally and morally.

Children and Parents who enter the doors of C-PAC will leave with a clear and decisive road map for their future . Parents will have access to the tools and resources that will assist them in helping their children to achieve their goals.

We shall make it clear to all that the lives of our children do matter.

Our Programs

Gavel and Scales
Neighborhood Youth Panel

The Neighborhood Youth Panel (NYP) was the first Juvenile Diversion Program established in Prince George’s County Md. The State Department of Juvenile Services trained and authorized C-PAC to convene formal juvenile hearings for first time offenders.

Two Head exchanging Ideas
Meeting of the Minds (MOMS)

The MOM’s Program is C-PAC’s premier program. The Program was lunched in 2005 with a mandate from the County to assist PGCPS and the Police in Truancy Reduction.

Vehicle Theft
Vehicle Theft Prevention Council

C-PAC represents the MVTPC in Prince George’s County. In 2008 C-PAC was commissioned by the State of Maryland to work with Maryland State Police and local law enforcement agencies to prevent juvenile vehicle theft and vandalism in Prince George’s County. .

Group of Moms
Mothers on the Move (MOM's)

Over the years mothers of the program participants have formed a support group and have found a place where they may become more involved in forming a more productive role In their children’s lives.